Since the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have all had to change the way we think, act, and conduct business, in order to try and adapt to the “new normal".

The real estate market is usually an industry that is often hit the hardest during a natural disaster or pandemic. As we enter into Spring, which is normally one of the busiest times of the year in the housing market, buyers and sellers are naturally uneasy during these uncertain times.

The good news is that national and local real estate associations have acted quickly to adopt new and/or make changes to policies and procedures surrounding how Realtors conduct their business to ensure that everyone stays safe, while still being able to efficiently complete real estate transactions.

With all of the technology available, Realtors® are well equipped with the tools they need to conduct business – from the time a house goes on the market, to buyers touring online, making offers, signing contracts, to the final closing, all done virtually!

What to expect from your Realtor®?

The National Association of Realtors® has developed some transaction guidance for Realtors® to consider when conducting their day-to-day operations with buyers and sellers. Learn More

What should consumers do?® News & Insights has an abundance of articles addressing concerns of buyers, sellers, and renters during COVID-19.

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Things may not move as quickly as they have in the past so buyers and sellers should try to be patient as everyone in the industry copes with ongoing changes. Stay calm as everyone tries to make the most of it and Stay Safe...We’re all in this together!


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